Bar & Restaurant


Getting the interior of your restaurant right from the very beginning is critical to first impressions and overall success. If the experience is great, the food tastes even better.

Partner with TJ Hale to ensure a quality experience that aligns with your brand goals. Our collaboration will help you define custom solutions to create your desired ambiance and customer dining experience.

Fast Casual


Not all dining experiences are created equal. In fact, most are shorter now than ever. Our evolving world demands less time spent in-store, in line, and in front of a plate.

We are masters of the fast casual environment, working with the world's largest fast food chains and specialty casual dining brands. Our goal is to make an impression, offer a unique experience, and emphasize efficiency throughout the customer experience.

Service & quality at every turn

At TJ Hale, we lead with inspiration and encourage creativity.

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Responsible, innovative, & sustainable

We believe in sourcing recycled materials from around the world.

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