You can count on TJ Hale for organized, thorough, and professional installation of millwork and custom fixtures.

We know the most critical stage of any millwork or custom fixture project comes down to final execution in the field. We engage early on and work hand-in-hand with your team in the field—reviewing site conditions, planning for delivery and logistics challenges, and communicating needs, expectations, and intentions.

TJ Hale will coordinate, manage, and deliver on-site every time.

The goal of our skilled field services team is to ensure there are no surprises when installation day comes. As a complete turnkey service, we guarantee a seamless installation process to set you up for a successful open.

Material Delivery

Job Site Audit

Pre-Development Planning

On-Site Assembly

Permitting & Regulations

Ongoing Quality Inspection

Winning Combination


TJ Hale uses a team of experienced project managers, carpenters, and outside contractors, including specialty trades, to fulfill project installations. We have experience in a variety of materials, such as metal, solid surface, stone, upholstery, wood, glass, and laminate, and we can complete on-site finishing, fixture refurbishment, and solid surface repairs. Our goal is to provide a cooperative and team-driven installation experience.

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