Corporate Interiors

Build culture and productivity


From your customers and clients to your employees, the interior of your business matters. Make sure you’re sending the right message.


Grow strong relationships


As an institution, having a space that conveys strength and trust to your customers is integral to your success.

Technology & Entertainment

Design tomorrow together

We’ll help you find a balance between impressing your customers and ensuring they’ll return again and again.


Unique, immersive opportunities

Good food and drinks are important—but so are the look and feel of your restaurant. Let us create the right ambiance for your customers.


Explore the possibilities

Check in for the future. We create from scratch and redevelop existing hospitality spaces to give your customers the destination and amenities they seek to create memories.

Landmarks & Museums

History requires knowledge

We have the expertise to refurbish and remaster the level of quality detail required to preserve time. Our work is sewn into the historical fabric of some of the most recognized landmarks across the country.


Drive traffic, sell experiences

TJ Hale has been working with some of the largest retail brands in the world for over half a century. We know what it takes to develop an environment customers love.


Privacy creates confidence

As the cannabis industry emerges, so does the demand for a unique experience. We specialize in building industry-leading cannabis retail spaces your customers connect with.

Storage & Transportation

Flexible spaces increase sales

Storage and transportation retail experiences demand an uncommon approach to interior commercial buildings. TJ Hale works with leading companies to help solve traffic solutions.