Welcome to TJ Hale. We are a team of skilled professionals—artisans, engineers, and builders with a shared passion for true quality craftsmanship. We are experts at the highest level of commercial manufacturing, ingrained with integrity and built with style. We are TJ Hale.

Our Story

TJ Hale began its business in 1950 as a small woodworking shop in Butler, WI. The early years served nearby businesses, including one up-and-coming grocer, called Kohl’s. As Kohl’s evolved from grocery stores to department stores, TJ Hale was a key supplier in aiding their growth.

Soon news of TJ Hale’s superior products and outstanding customer service spread far beyond Kohl’s. Our reputation earned us business with other national brands, evolving the business beyond retail to include commercial markets and architectural millwork projects. The rest, as they say, is history.

From London and New York to Oslo and Sydney, working with prominent architects, designers, general contractors, and clients, TJ Hale has been creating exceptional brand environments for 73 years and counting.

TJ Hale has been recognized often for its industry achievements, so much so that Jack Hale was inducted into the SHOP! Hall of Fame in 2018.

Community Support

In addition to supplying our clients with the products they need to run a successful business, we strive to give back to the community. TJ Hale and its employees aim to make our community a better place through fundraising, donations, volunteering, and other opportunities.