Industries Served

While TJ Hale started out as a cabinet maker servicing the retail industry, we quickly grew and now our work is featured in unique solutions across the spectrum of industries. We have taken our expertise to every industry we serve, whether it is a simple kiosk or a complete solution for a multi-store roll out. Each industry is unique and poses challenges; let TJ Hale’s may years of experience and knowledge make your business look good.

Business Interiors

No only do business interiors affect your customers and clients, it is what employees see and work in on a daily basis. A business interior can inspire, comfort, and even set a tempo for your work environment. It can increase productivity or creativity or even inspire new ways of thinking.

Architectural Millwork

Architectural millworking by TJ Hale will take our expertise in material craftsmanship and apply it to any project you have. Our expert designers will work with you to create environments and solutions that will inspire and impress.

Landmark Properties and Museums

Landmark properties and museums, such as the 9/11 memorial, demand strict attention to detail and commitment to the work put into them. When TJ Hale is involved in the project, the outcome will be something that honors the project and promotes the history and legacy of everything involved.


The accommodation industry’s goal is to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and most of all happy. TJ Hale knows that making your business look good will make your customers happy and coming back again and again.


The look and quality of your restaurant is as important as the food and drinks. It can create just the right atmosphere and enhance the dining and entertainment experience. TJ Hale knows how to take your customer’s experience to the next level.

Fast Casual

Fast Casual Restaurants present unique challenges to companies and designers. In addition to wanting to sell your brand, the design and material should mesh with the environment they are located in. Unique material and functionality requirements place unusual demands on designers. TJ Hale recognizes this and our expertise with different material and breadth of projects ensures that every installation will make you look good.


TJ Hale has been serving the retail industry for over half a century. We know what it takes to create an environment that will bring your customers in and sell your product. We work with some of the largest brands in the world.

Financial Institutions

A clean, crisp, and fantastically developed environment are ideal to financial institutions. Financial institutions should convey the strength and longevity of the company and send the signal to customers that the company will be responsible and fiscally sound.

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